Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Medizin-,
Bio- und Umwelttechnologien e. V.

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The department of Environmental Biotechnology practices application specific research and development in the areas of engineering, microbiology / biosensor technology and analytics. Since February 2005 it is located in the Science and Innovation Park Heide-Süd.

Key aspects are the development of measuring systems to the metabolic characterization of microorganisms in environmental biotechnology and bioprocess engineering as well as the development of methods in biological, environmental and chemical analytics.

Further activities includes environmental microbiology and engineering. Liquid waste processing systems and exhaust air decontamination systems were projected from laboratory models till to pilot plants.

GMBU e. V. cooperates with regional industry and science, for example with Martin Luther University, the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and the Technology and Founder` Centre Halle GmbH.