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Analytical Services


We offer competent, rapid and inexpensive solutions for your problems in the areas of environmental analytics such as water, waste water, sludge, soil and air. We work according to Germany standards and EPA methods.

Our services for you:

  • chromatography (HPLC, GC-FID, GC-MS)
  • spektroskopy (AAS, UV-Vis, fluorescence)
  • summary parameters (TOC, AOX, CSB, BSB5, Nges)
  • photometric methods
  • water detection (Karl-Fischer method)
  • physico-chemical parameters


Individual Solutions


However, standard methods are not our speciality. We offer individual solutions for special analytical questions.

We have experience with:

  • samples in difficult matrices
  • complex waste waters (containing paints, oil, surfactants, salt, etc.)
  • product analyses
  • migration analyses
  • qualitative screening of single substances in various materials

The communication with our clients is very important for us. Together with the customer we are developing sampling strategies and advising on the analytical methods. Of course, the customer-oriented test reports include explanatory notes and evaluation of the reports.

For further information please contact Dr. Walburga Bergmann.