Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Medizin-,
Bio- und Umwelttechnologien e. V.

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conception and process engineering of selected biotechnological processes (fermenters and photobioreactors)

design of electronic circuits and control concepts for thermal, chemical and biotechnological processes

  • circuit layout (with EAGLE, TARGET)
  • prototype engineering of boards (fully assembled PCB)
  • prototype engineering of devices and connection to sensors
  • programming of SPS (CodeSys, WAGO)

modelling and simulation with COMSOL MULTIPHYSICSTM™

  • investigation of microwave heating processes, field and temperature distribution in heated materials and microwave cavities
  • simulation of acoustic fields and vibration waves in sticks, tubes and structural elements
  • determination of heat transport in streaming fluids and transfer surfaces

For further informations please contact Dr. Klaus Krüger.